Can of whale meat

I accidentally brought a small can of whale teriyaki from Japan. I already know what it tastes like and I’m not too interested in eating it myself. I was thinking about using it as a paperweight in my office to gross out my co-workers, but does anyone have a more interesting idea on what to do with it?

In case you’re wondering, the meat comes from perfectly legal :dubious: research whaling operations. I found them in a regular supermarket, bought two cans and ate one just to satisfy my curiosity. I wasn’t impressed - it tastes like a cheap cut of beef.

Importing it to the US is probably illegal, though…

I like the paperweight idea. Invite a PETA delegation to visit, just for the hell of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Make a quiche and feed it to your coworkers.

How much did it cost?

Darn, is it really illegal? But at this point, destroying it isn’t going to do any good.

It’s already cooked and soaked in teriyaki sauce so I don’t think it’ll work well in a quiche.

I can’t remember the exact cost. Probably around $3 for a small can (6 oz?).

How exactly does one accidentally buy a can of whale teriyaki?

And more importantly, where? The only place I’ve seen with whale is that expensive restaurant near 109 in Shibuya.

So what research were the whalers doing? A study to see if canned Miso Whale sells better than canned whale teriyaki?

I didn’t buy it accidentally. I ate one can and lost any interest in eating the other. It seemed a waste to throw away, and it somehow ended up among the two dozen boxes of various stuff I shipped here.

It was a regular supermarket, specifically a Seifu chain in Mitaka. I thought it was a bit unusual too, which is why I bought it. The label specifically says it’s from research whaling, and that it’s mikne whale which isn’t endangered.

Anyway I recommend you go to one of those restaurants instead. I haven’t been, but it’s got to be better than this canned stuff.

They kill Tuna, you know…

It’s weird, y’know?

Sometimes you’ll be thinking like, “Can” or “Whale meat” and then someone comes along and says, “Can of Whale Meat.”

If I had a can of whale meat, I’d get that stupid Billy the Big Mouth Bass singing fish on the faux wood (read: plastic laminate) plaque out of the back of the junk closet, cram it into his big rubber mouth and hang it prominently in my basement or garage.

There ya Billy…let’s hear you do your rendition of ‘Mack the Knife’ with a can of whale meat shoved down your pie-hole.

They still shoot whales dont they?

I ate some whale in Wasilla AK once, thanks to my newfound Aleut friends . I didn’t think much of it, but didn’t say so. I offered a “thanks” with the straightest face I could muster.


I prefer mayonaisse.