Can only get Firefox to load SOMETIMES

Can’t find any info on the Mozilla Firefox website about only being able to get it to load sometimes.

I click on the Firefox icon on my desktop and the hour glass symbol displays for about 5 seconds and then disappears and nothing happens. Firefox doesn’t load.

If I log off and wait awhile and then log on again, sometimes it will load and other times it won’t.

Lately I’ve been just keeping the computer on 24/7 after I finally get on, but I’d rather not do this.

Help, please.

One thing may be too many background processes, leftover DLLs, etc., eating up memory.

However, I’ve found that Firefox loads much faster for me if instead of double-clicking, I highlight it, right click, and select Open.


How can I remove these DLL’s, etc. ?

See if CCleaner helps. It cleans out “crud” on your machine.

This happens to me from time to time with Firefox. Maybe 5% of time I try and open it. I don’t know why it happens. When it does occur I see that the program is running in the task manager but the window just doesn’t show up. I terminate the program through the task manager and give it another try and it works.

Seconded. I think they have a problem they haven’t addressed yet.