Can peccaries interbreed with domesticated pigs?

Just curious -

Peccaries -Collared Peccary (Javelina ~ Tayaussa ~ Musk Hog)

No; they are not only a different species, but a different genus and family as well.

The two families have been separate since at least the Oligocene, 40 million years ago, or perhaps even longer. Despite their physical resemblance, it is very unlikely they would be unable to interbreed.

There are three species of peccary; often all three are placed in different genera, although sometimes the collared and the white-lipped are put in the same one.

You do realise that you just said that interbreeding is likely? I don’t think that was your intent, so you might want to reword that. Damn double negatives.

Right, make that able. It comes from not proofreading after editing.