Can Penn St. be immediately competitive post-probation?

Seems like Penn St hasn’t collapsed under the Sandusky sanctions. Can they be reasonably competitive once the probation ends?

Define “reasonably competitive”.

Duh! “Reasonably competitive”-contending for mid-tier bowls. Mid-tier=Citrus, Peach, Gator, etc.

Is this directed at me or yourself?

Myself. :smiley:

Well, the Citrus Bowl was (records are pre-bowl) Louisville (11-1) - Miami (9-3), the [del]Peach[/del] Chick-Fil-A Bowl was Texas A&M (8-4) - Duke (10-3), and the Gator Bowl was Nebraska (8-4) - Georgia (8-4). Penn St. was 7-5 this season, and 8-4 last season. Seems to me they’re already reasonably competitive.

I agree. (Haven’t followed them as closely lately). I can’t wait until they are “Final Four” worthy again.

It looks like they had a relatively successful recruiting class. Signing day is today.

Let’s consider two other questions:

  1. How long before they could win the Big 10?
  2. How long before they could win the national title?

Good questions PT.

They’ve already had two better than expected years under Bill O’Brien, and new coach Franklin is a very solid football man.

LONG term, I think they can contend for the Big Ten again in 3 or 4 years. Franklin can bring in some very good players before that, but he won’t have the DEPTH to do more than make second/third-tier bowls until then.