can people in a coma urinate?

the thought just occured to me, and i started pondering can someone in a coma urinate or for that matter do a #2?

A person in a coma isn’t in suspended animation. Their bodily functions continue to operate. Now, since they’re being fed through a tube, or even intravenously, their bowel movements aren’t likely to be like those of a healthy person, but the body keeps on ticking, even if the brain is “asleep.”

yeah but how? does it all dribble out or burst out when it’s full?

do i want to know that?

I’m gonna guess that they put a catheteer on them

If someone is in a coma then they can’t NOT urinate (or #2 as you so eloquently put it!).
Once the bladder and/or bowels are full I guess they would just empty in the normal way.

Catheter + Colostomy Bag = Happy Comatose Person

A person in a coma may have a catheter for awhile, until the docs determine their kidney function is normal. But keeping a catheter in for a prolonged period can promote ugly bladder infections, so they avoid keeping a catheter in if possible.

Docs wouldn’t make a colostomy either if nothing is wrong with their bowels.

So how do they do it? Big diapers. Really. A comatose person is fed through a tube, either through their nose or stomach, with liquid food like Ensure. Their poop is softer than a regular person.

These folks require lots of changing, meticulous skin care to avoid breakdown in their private areas, and periodic turning and body repositioning also to avoid skin breakdown and pneumonia.

That’s where good nurses come in. Hopefully nurses who aren’t overworked and underpaid because of hospital budget cuts or administrative BS.