Can Singularities Really Exist?

I’ve often heard that there is a singularity at the center of black holes. And I understand that a singularity as being a place that is infinately small.

How can anything actually become infinitely small? I can understand becoming small beyond comprehension, but how do you reach infinitely small when infinity can not be reached?

Also, why wouldn’t the small between atomic particles in a black hole be limited to something like planks length?

That last line was suppose to say space instead of small.

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I’m no expert, but I’m guessing that the singularities become that small by the immense pressure of the black hole.
I’m also guessing that in reality, there is a point that could maybe be measured possibly, but I think the point of a singularity is that it is so small it is radically beyond our measurement.

A singularity is by definition a place in which our current physics cannot be applied. Saying what a black hole is becomes very difficult. But I don’t think that black holes are usually referred to as infinitely small. Can you give a cite of a place that uses that term?