Can sleeping on a slant cause backache?

Well, can it?

I need to know. We’ve been having sore back problems since we moved into this house (two years), can’t get a box spring up the tiny stairs.

We’ve tried a number of alternative beds, without much luck. We tried just a mattress, a futon, an airbed and now a foam mattress.

Thing is, there were plenty of other things to blame the sore backs on, home repair, yard work, stress, heavy lifting, etc.

Long story short, I went away for 6 wks, back ache entirely disappeared. Upon my return, 2 nights in my old bed and the backache was there when I awoke in the morning.

Now I know the floors quite slanted, a spilled beverage tells the tale pretty clearly, and now I’m wondering if maybe that’s the real route of the problem.

It took us months to acknowledge the first mattress was killing us since we’re not fussy sleepers. We take pride that we have slept on buses and trains and in cheap hotels on 3 continents, all without complaint.

How about it, can sleeping on a slant cause backache?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

Use some shims to level the bed.

By the way, why would you take pride on abusing your spine?

Were you vactioning for the six weeks you were away from home? Could be your routine daily activities aggravate your back, and not doing them on vaction is where the relief came from.

Try stretching out your hammies first thing in the morning in a hot shower, that should help the lower back.

The pride was in not being fussy sleepers. I’ve slept on all manner of beds, cots, floors etc. Comfortably.

Certainly there are many things in our lives, we face many challenges, that might cause backache, certainly our daily grind could be doing it. I’ve made as many modifications to our routines as seem possible so I’m looking elsewhere.

I was just curious if other dopers ever experienced such things.

I’m onto the stretching thing and exercise. But I never feel older, all day long, than when I climb out of my bed in the morning so I’m begining to suspect the slant of the floor might be a factor.

thanks for the suggestions!