Can somebody explain this commercial to me?

I saw this yesterday at the movie theater:

I think it’s trying to claim that you can trust Nigerian businesses because your credit card is secure. But it’s not really clear, and it almost seems borderline racist. Am I reading it wrong, or does anyone else get the same feeling?

I think your interpretation is correct. The commercial relies on the “twist” of the seemingly shady Nigerian operation being a legitimate business. (As if shipping shoes individually from Nigeria could possibly be competitive with a US-based shoe store. Yeah right.)

That Nigerian shoe store guy has really weird teeth.

There’s a very common scheme called “the Nigerian Scam”. You get an email offering you some money b/c this person in Nigeria (always a prince or something) cannot claim it. (I’ve seen it from several different countries and stories.) You put up some amount of money and then you get half the inheritance, for example. Basically, you lose your money. I think it’s a version of the Pigeon Drop.

Most spam filters these days keep them out, but a few leak through.

I think the point of the commercial is that with this identity protection, you’re safe. Even if you’re buying something from a region that has a ‘reputation’.

Yeah. I’m not getting a ‘racist’ vibe at all. In fact, it seems refreshingly unconcerned with race at all, focusing instead on the idea that every one is familiar with the Nigerian money scams.