Can somebody please tell me how to spell Mississippi!!!

Arent u fuckin stupid… u actually came in here to tell me how to spell Mississippi… u r really fuckin stupid

And guess what… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

what a dipshit

Yes, you are, mon ami. And by the way, that IS how you spell the word. Not “Mississippi”, but “you”. It’s a WORD, not a LETTER, you donkey-raping shit-eater.

Well said, well said, racinchikki. clap clap clap

Wow. Somehow every kid I went to junior high with combined into one huge mega-moron in order to spew shit across the boards. I’d suggest that you get squicked and leave, but you’ve already experienced that little kink. I’d suggest just taking your grandma-licking ass out of here.

Er… to the OP, of course.

Bravo R. Chikki. You are my hero.
Steve get a life.