Can someone explain NCIC 4099 to me

A relative of a friend of mine was arrested recently with a charge of NCIC-4099. Google tells me this is called “prostitution - commercial sex” but nothing more. I am not looking for legal advise, just a better definition of what kind of offense would land one such a charge. Is this something one gets charged with for putting an ad on craigslist of questionable motives? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

The Uniform Offense Codes for Commercialized Sexual Offenses are as follows:
4001 Keeping House Ill Fame
4002 Procure For Prostitute (pimping) (use when prostitutes are minors or adults)
4003 Commercial Sex - Homosexual Prostitution
4004 Prostitution
4005 Frequent House Ill Fame
4006 Trnsp Female Interstate for Immoral Purp
4007 Procure for Prostitute Who Is A Minor
4008 Procure for Prostitute Who Is An Adult
4099 Commercial Sex (describe offense)

As you can see, 4099 is a catchall for anything that’s sort of prostitution-related, but doesn’t fit any of the others. Use your imagination.

Yes pretty much if prostitution is illegal, then advertising is also illegal,
so maybe they put it under 4099 as there was no other code more suitable for ‘advertising’ in the NCIC list.

… Advertising is illegal in TN, USA. but you probably mean some other state ?
In fact in other parts of the world advertising is illegal but not prostitution itself.
Of course there is the same issue with escorts and so on. An escort could be non-sexual.

The NCIC uniform codes are not actual charges. They are more of a bookkeeping system used to classify similar crimes in different jurisdictions (for statistical and other purposes). The actual charge will be described in terms of state legislation or a local/municipal ordinance.

Thanks for the answers. So it sounds like she was up to no good but wasn’t caught in the act or in a sting, so she gets the catchall charge to get into the court system.

No, I think that 4099 is not an actual charge. The actual charge depends on the particular statutes in whatever jurisdiction she was charged in. Very likely a state law is what she is charged under.

4099 is just a code used to describe the charge, used – I assume – only for reporting crime totals and such like, so that totals can be compared across different places that have different statutes.

I don’t know where or how you got the information about the charge being ‘NCIC-4099’. All that means is that somebody, somewhere, possibly just an automated computer program, looked at the actual offense she was charged with, under the particular state or local law, and couldn’t (or just didn’t want to) decide exactly what category that actual charge fit under, so it got coded as the miscellaneous.

The state she was charged in has a court calendar web page. When you look up a case number, it brings up 3 columns: Offense code, description and statute. Which for this particular case hold the values 4099, prostitution - commercial sex, and blank.