Can someone explain the handicap line on this golf scorecard?

I understand how a typical handicap line works where holes are ranked 1-18 by difficulty. But the lines on this scorecard completely baffle me. Most are listed as N/A and the numbers that are listed don’t make any sense to me. How am I supposed to read this?

Anyone? Beuler?

Just thought I’d post so you knew you were being heard…

No, that is unlike any scorecard I’ve ever seen.

Look at the 12th hole - the white tees are 100 yards FURTHER than the blue tees?

Got me hanging.

Where did you find this image? Based on the obvious mistake on the 12th hole distances I suspect this is fabricated.

OK. Thanks guys. I’m guessing that the scorecard is just computer generated and we have a case of GIGO.

From here.

I couldn’t find another course on that site that had the handicap line filled out. Is there another example to compare it to?

I checked about 20 in my area and only found one other that had a handicap line. It’s messed up too. I think their system is just buggy. Kingfisher golf course.

I think you’re right. Other sites have a more normal looking scorecard.

It’s still a little unusual for a par 4 hole to have 90 yards difference between the tips and the forward tees but at least it makes sense, unlike the original handicap line.

The really odd thing is that real golf scorecards have a handicap rating for every hole ranked from 1 to 18. This is to let golfers know the holes on which they receive a stroke. For instance if you play off 1 you receive a stroke on the hardest hole only. If you play off 24 you receive one stroke on 12 holes and two on the six hardest holes.