Can someone explain the new Cartier commercial?

Last night my wife and I saw a very long, very confusing TV ad for Cartier. Something having to do with a leopard and China, India, and some other location. If must have cost them a fortune to make (it was mostly CG). But, we just didn’t “get it.” What were they trying to say?

Here is a link to the video on YouTube and here is an article about it from the Telegraph. It’s called L’Odyssée de Cartier and it’s meant to celebrate the company’s 165th anniversary. The various scenes shown are important to the company’s history. For example, the bit in St Petersburg is a reference to pieces they created for the royal family there.

Edited to add that I saw it during The Good Wife and I was amazed at its length for a commercial.

Caught it last night and I was absolutely mesmerized. By far the most gorgeous commercial I have ever seen in my life.

yep it was a gorgeous little film. I was bit annoyed - even though I’m watching the Good Wife, I’m not Cartier’s demographic. I can barely afford gas.

In the YouTube comments someone speculated that the commercial was in part meant to appeal to new wealth, and it did have scenes set in Russia and India, and the golden dragon (meant perhaps to appeal to the Chinese?).

This. Can’t wait to see it again (this from a life-long 'mercial hater).:smiley:

I was totally captivated by it as well.

I agree, it was amazing.

I would have figured it would be more suited to the holiday season.

We have TV set as our “alarm” in the morning.
So today, SO and I were asleep and The Today Show comes on and we hear the news in the background, and then this music starts - and goes on, and on, and on…
Without either of us opening our eyes yet, SO said, “Did somebody famous die?”

I guess we lived in Berlin too long, but over in Germany (and I am sure other countries) whenever some great famous person dies, they often show just a picture of them and play sad music in the background, without any commentary.

By the time we opened our eyes to see who had died, the Cartier logo was on the screen. So - we haven’t “seen” the commercial, but heard it.

ok so the other location is in russia somewhere and the whole purpose was basically that the leopard had to get to the lady i guess it was just a whole lot of animals and jewelry i was just like brought to a whole new level of confusion !!!

it was really pretty and creative even though i was kind of confused

At least the 14-Bis gets a good showing.

I doubt any explanation would clarify your understanding. The message is clear on a visceral level, but like dreams, trying to put it into factual words won’t convey the meaning if you have to ask.

Just immerse yourselves in the imagery and enjoy…

Cartier will soon be moving up to selling gas instead of diamonds.

The commercial was 100 successful-when was the last time people talked this much about Cartier?

I thought it was a really strange Jaguar commercial and I kept waiting to see the car.


What an absolutely fabulous adverisement! And what a powerful message it portrays.

Every woman deep down wants a real man (not one that can be tamed or controlled becuase then they lose there allure). But she also wants one with a soft spot that can connect with her on a emotional level.

She wants someone who will go out there way to show her that he cares and this is what the advert is saying.

I will run with wild horses (ok they were leased to a carriage…lol)
I will jump through hoops
I will slay the dragon
I will travel all continents
I wont let anything stand in my way and will use whatever means I can get to you.
I won’t let time (the clock) or distance (Taj Mahal) stand in my way
I’m wild, world travelled I’m a real man but I have a soft spot for you, I love you and will always come back to you.

And I am bringing you a cartier diamond. Hey well done cartier! Powerful and it certainly spoke to me. Can you supply the man to go with it…lol… Alchemist100

It’s playing on the Sunday morning political shows. The message I got…

“Being rich is good. Selling really expensive stuff to rich people gives us a huge advertising budget.”

Saw part of it, but honestly found it too dull to watch the entire thing.

As for women wanting a sexy dangerous but also domesticated big cat…well, I guess the Cartier ad was sexier than this one.

Here’s the full thing, and if you go to the Bonus Features, it explains a bit why they chose the scenes and locations they did. It has to do with Cartier’s history.

I loved this, so creative, so beautiful.