Can someone explain the rationale behind "low" pants?

Subject pretty much covers the question. I’m sure anyone near an urban area has seen it. Younger people wearing jeans (and shorts) very low - low enough that you can see their underwear, sometimes so low you’d think they’d trip and fall over them.

Other than “street cred”, what is the reasoning behind this fashion choice? I think I one time heard it was an attempt to “mimic” the prison population who supposedly didn’t get belts and received ill-fitting clothing… but I don’t know if there is any accuracy to that.

So…what’s the deal here?

It’s fashion, it doesn’t need to make sense.

Why bell bottoms? why zoot suits? Why not late '70s one piece jumpsuits for men?

That’s your answer right there. It’s not like they’re doing it to impress their parents or boost their running times.

Does the style piss you off? That’s reason enough for them to wear it. :smiley:

They are all training to become builders.

Without wishing to be provocative, I’ve reported the above post on the grounds that some workplaces might view a photo of a partially exposed builder’s bottom less than favourably.

My apologies to those who may have been embarrassed by it.

The baggy part is easy to understand; you can hide lots of stuff inside baggy clothes.

As for the “low and long legged”, a kid in the neighborhood explained it to me as “I’m bad enough that I ain’t gotta run from nuttin” - or something to that effect. But I’m thinking Silenus got it right.

I’ve heard the style described as "jailin’ " (because your belt gets taken away from you when you’re in jail)

But, in the end, it’s a style, and for the why, I bow to my colleague:

The explanation for the origin that I’ve heard is that convicts have their belts taken away in prison, and this is somehow an homage or a reflection of that.

Well, I am surprised. I didn’t think the “jail” thing would have anything to do with it, but I guess I was wrong.

thank you for the answers…

As for does it “piss me off” - not really. Other than the fact that I’m fairly logical so this kind of thing just strikes me as very stupid. LOL!

Yes, those in prison are the epitome of society and should be revered…:rolleyes:

Which settles my case on why those who have pants to their knees deserve no respect from me.

It was blocked on my work computer as being “Explicit Art”. I assume that it’s only very loosely “Art”.

They all want to be a dead white cracker.


The thing is, this style was around back in the mid 90’s at least, so I’d have expected it to get old and go away by now. I’m surprised to hear it’s still around and considered rebellious.

On a secondary note I’ve always wondered if it was the result of a “Cops” episode where someone ends up saying “yah, I meant to look like I was shit faced in the gutter too stoned to pull up my pants”. The nano-second parents frowned on it made it a guaranteed fashion statement.

When the only thing you have that’s special is your appearance, you do what you can to satisfy that atavistic urge to be a part of a group and have your group stand out. If the thing that makes you or your group stand out is wearing pants below your gluteal crease, it’s unlikely that you will be able to resist the temptation to participate.

Included in these odd behaviours are tattoos worthy (unfortunately) of the canvases on which they are being imprinted, jewely so comical a magpie would be loathe to hoard it, and gaits (at least when I was in high school) worthy of the Ministry for Silly Walks. But then my group wears ties and tight collars. So it’s all perspective, I guess.

I saw a kid the other day walking down the sidewalk like this and while I could care less about his fashion sense I was more intrigued by coordination of the young man.
His boxers were worn at the normal height but his jeans waistline was around his mid thigh. They weren’t falling down since they were cinched tight with a belt. So he was reduced to strolling down the sidewalk with his upper legs strapped together. I guess fashion wins over functionality yet again.

I understand the desire to use fashion as a way of teenage rebellion. I did the jeans with the hem removed thing as a kid. I didn’t let my pants trip me up though. Same with my car. I tried to make it go faster but I never put loud mufflers on it. I had no desire to hear it drone while cruising.

I’ve seen more than a few young men here on campus that literally have to have one hand holding onto their pants in order to walk without them falling down around their ankles. I just laugh, which I suppose is insensitive, but it’s so funny I can’t help myself. I expect they know why I’m laughing, too.

I was hiking up in the mountains, and this teenage kid had the low pants. It was hilarious watching him try to climb up a hill in those. He was several switchbacks above, and by the time we passed him I was pretty much hysterically giggling. Street cred seems pretty silly out among the pine trees and chipmunks.

What I want to know is, do they ever use velcro to hold those pants up?