Can someone explain to me what's up with The Fountain?

Here’s an avant-garde performance on YouTube:

I think I’d have to disagree with your implicit assumption that the artsy-fartsy crowd is all that bright.

IMDB probably has a larger number of nerds, which probably inflates movies like Batman or Transformers, but more importantly there’s somewhat of an inherent difference between artsies and critics. Critics come to have a different opinion of movies because they see so damn many. Artsies are naturally drawn to a particular class of movie that’s perceived to be more risky or putting it to the man.

Yes that perfume. And no you won’t necessarily hate the Fountain if you hated Perfume. They are similar in that they both have a lush and colorful but laconic style that I love.

Listen to this song: Death is the Road to Awe. If you like a movie that moves at that speed, then you’ll like the Fountain. If that sort of musical cadence to a film doesn’t thrill you, then don’t bother.