Can someone help identify this fantasy novel?

I remember a fantasy novel I read back in high school, really liked the plot and the storytelling but have NO idea who wrote it or the title. Can the well-read fantasy fans on this MB give me a hand?

Here’s what I remember…
The hero of the novel becomes apprenticed to a demonologist. I believe he became an apprentice in order to find out how one of his loved ones died (demons being a great source of information). The apprentice and demonologist live in some sort of ethereal plane while his apprenticeship is taking place. The demons are summoned and bound in gold rings. The apprentice summons his first demon, who’s a little guy, and this demon eventually becomes his best buddy. I think at the end of the novel, the apprentice eventually ends up killing the demonologist (who’s the bad guy of the book all along).

It’s driving me nuts – can anyone help me ID this book???

What do ya know, a question that I actually know the answer to, and I’m first too. The book you’re talking about is called *The Sorcerer’s Son * by Phyllis Eisenstein. She also wrote a sequal entitled The Crystal Palace. Both are out of print, but you should be able to find them on amazon, or e-bay.

Thanks, Atrael! That’s the one!

Muchly obliged. (That was driving me nuts. Now to see if the local liberry can find it for me…)

Sounds like the Myth series by Robert Aspirin–I think the first one is Another Fine Myth. These books are humorous, and your description doesn’t mention the book you’re looking for as funny, so there may be another book with the same theme.

The main characters in the Myth books are Skeeve and Ahdz(?) the Demon, plus Skeeve ends upwith a small dragon at some point. I think Skeeve was basically a thief who thought magic would help him steal stuff, so he becomes an apprentice, then his wizard/master is killed, stranding the demon in Skeeve’s world–they both want to get the guy who killed the wizard (Ahdz so he can get back to his own world, Skeeve because, though he tries to hide it, he was fond of the wizard). Anyway, they become friends and stick together for eight or nine books. Not bad for remembering a book I last read maybe 15 years ago.