Can someone help me edit this JAVA script? (mostly cosmetics)

To be honest, I have no idea how anything in JAVA works; I use HTML for everything. I understand this script I was given permission to use just enough to change what words are on each line. I’ve used it, and you can see here that is does work fine, but… I have no idea how or what to edit on it.

I’m going to snip most of the numbered lines, but rest assured, they’re there in the real script (which for some reason, despite loading it as a txt document to my page for demonstrative purposes, shows up as html hmm).

What I’d like to know is, is there a way to make the box the text is displayed in smaller? It’s a pretty big box for a single word to a short line of text. If so, where is that in the code? And can I have more than 288 lines? If I can, do I have to do anything besides change the line that says " quotenum = 288" and add qu[289]=" "; and beyond? And can I get rid of the meta tags, which don’t even show up as part of the web page?

The Code

<META name=“description” content=“The Quote-O-Matic - Wisdom At Your Fingertips!”>
<META name=“keywords” content=“quote, quotes, quip, humor, funny, songs, Jack Handey,
Deep Thoughts, Dilbert, The Onion, Joe Queenan”>

<script Language=“JavaScript”>
<!-- hide this stuff from other browsers
quotenum = 288;

qu = new StringArray(quotenum);

qu[1]=" ";

<snip 2-287>

qu[288]=" ";

function StringArray (n) {
this.length = n;
for (var i = 1; i <= n; i++){
this* = ‘’
return this

function seeder() {
var D = new Date();
var j = 0;
j = D.getSeconds % 12;
if (j == 1) Math.random(D.getSeconds * D.GetYear * D.getSeconds);
else if (j == 2) Math.random(D.GetYear * D.getMonth * D.GetYear);
else if (j == 3) Math.random(D.getDay * D.getMinutes * D.GetYear);
else if (j == 4) Math.random(D.getHours * D.getDate * D.GetYear);
else if (j == 5) Math.random(D.GetYear * D.getDate * D.GetYear);
else if (j == 6) Math.random(D.GetSeconds * D.getHours * D.GetYear);
else if (j == 7) Math.random(D.GetSeconds * D.getMinutes * D.GetYear);
else if (j == 8) Math.random(D.GetMonth * D.getHours * D.getSeconds);
else if (j == 9) Math.random(D.GetDate * D.getSeconds * D.GetYear);
else if (j == 10) Math.random(D.GetYear * D.getSeconds * D.GetYear);
else if (j == 11) Math.random(D.GetMonth * D.getSeconds * D.GetYear);
else Math.random(D.GetYear * D.GetYear * D.GetYear);

function getQuote () {
var i = 0;
while ((i < 1) || (i > quotenum)) {
i = Math.round(Math.random()quotenum)+1; }
document.quotomatic.val.value="" + i;

function getQ2 () {
var i=200;
if (i==quotenum) i=0;
i = i+1;
document.quotomatic.val.value="" + i;

function getQ3 () {
i = i-1;
if (i==0) i=quotenum;
document.quotomatic.val3.value="" + i;

// end the hiding comment -->

<form name=“quotomatic”>
<input type=“button” name=“clickme” value=Quote-O-Matic onClick=“getQuote()”><br>
<textarea name=“quote” cols=73 rows=10 softwrap></textarea><br>
<input type=hidden name=“val”><br>

In the following line, change the cols and rows values to something more to your liking:

<textarea name=“quote” cols=73 rows=10 softwrap>

As Bill H. says, this -> textarea name=“quote” cols=73 rows=10 softwrap <- is what you’ve gotta edit. (Knew someone would post before I did!). BTW, it’s “JavaScript” all one word - Java is different.

As for your other questions, the script isn’t terrific, but the author did allow for expansion; change quotenum and add quotes like you describe. The META tags are there to give information about your page to any search engine that happens by. Your page has amazingly little to do with The Onion, and only lets someone like me surmise that the Javascript was ripped off from a humourous-quote-of-the-day page. :wink: You can (and in fact should) ditch those two tags.