Can someone help me find a video?

There was a video linked on here within the last year. It was some black dude, crackhead it seemed, that was screaming at a video camera and then he runs out into a street during rush hour and smashes up this car parked at a stop light.

I can’t figure out how to search for it because I can’t remember what the thread was about. I wanna show my buddy that vid.

Anyone seen it?

I believe this is the video:

Car Thief Rampage

It’s even more disturbing when you think about him getting a buddy to film it all.

Sorry I just reread your post and realized the video I linked was of a DIFFERENT black, possibly cracked out dude smashing up cars, this time in a parking lot. I think you can find the video somewhere at, but i cant seem to find it now.

Was it this freak?


Nah…Leroy had style. (And at least he ain’t chicken.)

Stinkpalm, you do NOT put the same thread in two different forums.

I am removing the one from ATMB and leaving this one.

Do not do this again.