Can someone help me identify a certain (wholesome) female teenage pop star?

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an artist on one of the morning talk shows, GMA, today, or something.

She was in her teens or early twenties.

She played the Hillary Duff/Lindsay Lohan kind of stuff that my ten year old daughter enjoys. (or at least it sounded like that to my 46 year old ears.)

What might help narrow her down, is the fact that she has written a self-help book for young girls about dealing with growing up.

It seems like I remember that she spoke about her Christianity in the interview, although I don’t remember if her music was Christian in theme, or if she was just mentioning her religion during the interview.

Does this description remind anyone of any real person.


Might be Stacie (Stacy? Stacey?) Orrico. I know she’s a cute, wholesome, squeaky-clean young pop star with some Christian themes to her music. Stacie has dark hair and is slightly exotic-looking, if that helps.

That’s who I thought of, too. She had a popular single a year or two ago (“There’s gotta be mooooore to liiiiife, than chasin’ down every temporary high to satisfy meeee”) that will be stuck in your head for days if you listen to it. She also, apperantly, has more than one book

Possibly Rebecca St. James? She’s a Christian pop-star as well.