Can someone please explain this retarded Levis commercial to me?

Oh thank god! I thought that I was totally hopeless, out of it and old when I saw that commercial and said,“Huh?” Not only were the jeans ugly, I didn’t have a clue why they thought those particular images would make me want to go out and get myself a pair. Thanks for affirming my longstanding belief that I’m still groovy, hip and young!:wink:

pfft, get her off heroin, and then make her eat three square meals a day.

Buffalo. It’s what’s for dinner.

Am I the only one who liked that ad? I thought it was sort of cool.

Wait, don’t forget about the crying! Upon seeing this during the Super Bowl, I made the observation that “the buffalo make her sad.”

Everyone at the party voted this the funniest commercial of the night, solely based on my comment! :slight_smile:

stinkpalm: It would seem to me that since the commercial made so much of an impression that 1) you are bringing it to others attention - causing this discussion and 2) you even remembered what the commercial was advertising, from a pure marketting point of view, this commercial is a huge “success”. No point beyond that needed.

(Kind of a trick question, but think of all the 1000s of commercials you’ve been exposed to, that have faded to obscurity).

Actually, so did I. There’s something neat about the idea of phantom herds of Buffalo roaming through the downtown of a major metropolis.

Still doesn’t make me want to buy jeans, though.

i thought the buffalo had killed all the humans and were running amok, but left those two alive to repopulate the human race, based solely on the choice of jeans they wore. In any case, the commercial blew those little chunky things women get during their period.

Hi I’m Troy McClure. You may remember me from such movie sequels as “The Legend of the Mystic Jeans II, Levis. Vs. Pamplona.”

I liked the buffalo commercial too. But I liked the jeans commercial where they pushed the car in the water better.

Oh come on! The buffalo commerical is practically Hemmingway when compared to “Travis, you’re years too late” which ran for a million years.

I can still hear in my head those ancient Levi’s commercials featuring a cartoon alien that growled “Lee-VI-sah!”.

They’re telling you that not only are the jeans ugly, but that you will smell like buffalo if you wear them.

Stinky denim, it what’s for dinner.

Duh, these are magic jeans, featuring the latest wash: Stampede Repellant.
As mentioned above, it still beats acid-washed.

We they real buffalo? I thought they looked computer generated & it was a miracle they didn’t run into the kids.

I was under the impression that they were trying to warn me about making a bad fashion statement. As in- “If you wear these awful jeans, Buffalo, who have better sense than that, will chase you through the streets.”:smiley:

I LOVED the “pushing the car into the water” commercial. Much better than the new one. I wonder when it will get so ridiculous that we won’t be able to tell what a commercial is for at all. Maybe the folks that make them really want to work in the indie film industry?