Can someone please explain this retarded Levis commercial to me?

Guy. Girl. Wearing Levis. In the road. Buffalo Stampede around them. End of commercial .

Most retarded commercial ever.

I think they are trying to say “Our jeans are so tough and bold that even a herd of stampeding buffallo will realise this and move around you”

Or something like that.

I have given up trying to understand jeans commercials.

If you weren’t in on the whole thing, then it made no sense.

Seeing as how nobody was in on the joke, millions were left clueless. The funniest part was reading some David Lynch-esque explanations: “The Bison represented humanity as a whole, charging towards the lone rebellion”.

Yeah, right. That in itself makes the commercial friggin’ hilarious.

I shouldn’t even post this- Now we won’t get tripped out artsy-fartsy theories.

Ok, but the commercial is still on, or at least was on for more than two days past the Super Bowl. That doesn’t make any sense if this was all part of a promotion.

I figured the commercial was telling me that the jeans were so ugly that even charging bison would avoid them. Maybe they’re like those stain repelling khakis, only these repel bison.


Levis impart invulnerability!


the guy isn’t too bad, but that mouth-breathing chick- YECHHHH! Does she ENJOY the taste of buffalo dust!?!?!

Nassssty filthy commercial! We hateses it, don’t we, Precioussss?

Could someone please get this woman a butt?

That’s a Levi’s commercial?

I thought it was PETA trying to tell me bufallo meat was bad mojo.

I thought it was some “spirit of the West” dealie. Like, “These are the sort of blue jeans the ancient Native Americans wore when they hunted the buffalo.” Or something.

Hey, it’s no dumber than acid-washed.

“Leg and a leg and a leg…”

A commercial? I thought it was one of those anti-drug campaigns saying that taking enough heroin to look as bad as those people would give you hallucinations of charging buffalos.

We’re badder than The Lon King!!

er, Lion King.

“I thought about wearing a condom, but I figured hey, when will I be coming back to Haiti?”

Bad Idea Jeans

i thought the commercial was trying to tell me that guys and girls should dress alike and look stupid for doing so… or is that just what society says in general??? looking stupid for dressing alike!! sheep!!

If you think that is weird - today I saw a levis advert where mice dressed in jeans , driving a car gave a cat back to a woman in a waiting car in exchange for a ransom.

that ad would have put me into a coma if i saw it.

I thought it was ad for Buffalo Jeans.

Not to mention a less slack-jawed look…?