Can someone post all the known smilies, and how to type'em?

Hey all . . .

In the wake of Wally, I’ve noticed lots of smilies, including the new “Putz” version. Can someone post all the known smilies, and how to type 'em?

Much obliged

“I’m just a newbie on the run. . .
But I fought the law, and the law won . . .”

CHick-chick… Blam!
Chick-chick… Blam!
Chick-chick… Blam!

::Blows smoke off the barrel of the shotgun::

"I’m just a newbie on the run… "

And ya might as well keep running.

when you are posting there is a key above the post that links to a smilie page. There you get all the instructions and symbols.

Aw jeez. Fe cryin’ out loud. Thanks . . .

tubagirl, when didja get out of juvie?

That’s it. Now we’re shooting at the newbies. Oh great. . .

And I thought the test was gonna be tough. At least I’ve got my kevlar

Hey, Chief shoots at old-timers who use smilies too. He hates 'em. So don’t take it personal, okay? :slight_smile:

::laughs for the first time today::

Okay, sorry, nothing going on over here, move along…just a woman laughing like a loon.

Now, Chief, Bad Chief, quit terrorizing the new folks.

Wish I could say he’s off his meds, but he’s like this all the time. Smiling faces do that to him.



I didn’t want to leave the lil’ un in the dark.
He might get scared.
(I pretend as if I’ve been here longer than I really have)
((don’t bust my balloon))