Can someone recomend a small measuring cup that measures to a 1/6 ounce?

I need to accurately measure some fuel stabilizer for my generator gas. 1 ounce treats 6 gallons. My generator has a 1 gallon tank. So 1/6 ounce is needed. My cans are 2 gallon and that requires 1/3 ounce.

All the measure cups I’m finding are too big. I need something like a medicine cup like NyQuil used to have but not as flimsy.

This stuff is $11for an 8 oz bottle. I need to measure accurately or risk going broke. :wink: I went through a bottle quick just pouring a dab into my gas.

They sell those cups alone in drugstores.

Just so you know, 1/6 of a fluid ounce is exactly one teaspoon.

1/6 oz = 1 tsp, so just use a teaspoon measuring spoon.

I may try the teaspoon. It’s hard pouring that small an amount. I could hold the teaspoon over a jar to catch any overflow. Then pour the jar’s contents back into the bottle.

I’ll check at the drugstore for a medicine cup too.

Found it. Mini Measure Glass

I searched first for medicine cup and they had those plastic ones. Then Amazon recommended the glass one. Good thing too because mini measure is not a search term I would have thought of. I kept searching small measure and striking out.

Look for the medicine spoons as well. They’re basically a cross between a test tube and a spoon.

Great idea. I’ll check at Walgreens later today. thanks

You can also try an oral medicine syringe. Pour your stuff into a small container, suck up the 1tsp you need, and pour the rest back into the bottle.

I concur with oral medication syringe. 1/6 oz is roughly 5ml or 5cc.

If you’re willing to make a permanent mark at the 5 ml level, you could get a 10 ml glass cylinder. It has a nice lip for pouring. They come with funnel tops, too.


1/6 oz = approx 5 ml

You could pre-mix 6 gallons.

Honestly this seems like way too big of a hassle for something I’d just eyeball. I put stabilizer in my mower every fall and in my snow blower every spring and I don’t think I’ve ever actually measured it.

This stuff has the measuring apparatus built into the bottle and is about half the price to boot.

This was going to be my next response. I mean, seriously, do you have to measure this that accurately? Just stick a “glug” in there and be done with it. But the OP does say “I need to accurately measure,” so I’m going in that spirit. Get a teaspoon. That’s going to be pretty damned accurate (assuming you get a measuring teaspoon). I mean, this is everyday chemistry. You’re not trying to accurately and most efficiently balance a chemical reaction.

If you buy the graduated shot glass- $6… You might consider calibrating it first, with teaspoons of liquid.

Jeeze, just get a 5 ml pipette from a medical supply place.

I’ll agree with the syringe to get accurate results. You should be able to pick them up at Walgreens.
But like someone else said, just eyeball it. 5ml is a teaspoon. Just splash a little in there. At worse it’ll run a bit rough so add a little less next time you fill up. I just ‘toss a little in’ to my motorcycle, lawnmower and snowblower every year and haven’t had any problems yet. If you’re using a small bottle of something like Sta-bil it’s probably pretty close to a capful.

I got a proper measuring teaspoon from my pharmacy for one of my meds, since the instructions clearly say that a regular kitchen teaspoon may not be right. The regular kitchen teaspoon is much better for other reasons though.

So I used the proper pharmacy measuring teaspoon to compare with my regular kitchen teaspoon. Well, surprise, surprise! My regular kitchen teaspoon is exactly a proper pharmacy teaspoon after all!