Can someone recommend me Month to Month Iphone and Carrier?

I would like to purchase an iphone. I had an android phone which was very slow. I used virgin mobile, the $35 plan where you get unlimited text and internet and 300 minutes a month. I rarely ever go up 100 minutes so no point in paying 10 dollars more or 20 more for unlimited everything.Im not that familiar with iphones but from what i see the newest one out there is the iphone 5s. I had heard of the iphone 4 and iphone 4s.

  1. Is Virgin mobile and t mobile the only 2 carriers out there that is month to month contract and no yearly contract? I hear lot of people use verizon, at and t and sprint and have year plans. Is there a reason why? I think you get the phone free or big discount but then again you paying 70+ a month so the phone isn’t really free if you go with a cheaper plan. I also hear ppl paying 100+ for their cell phone plans. is that because they want lot of 4g data?
  2. Which iphone should i get? I know there is 4, 4s and 5s and saw there is something like 5c. The 5c looks like a kiddish color and not interested in it. 5s looks really big but i read people say its better , faster etc but cost a lot more. The 4s looks like the best compromise if i dont want to spend 500+ for an iphone? I see they have it for 260 or so for the iphone 4s 8g.
  3. I see virgin mobile has a sale at the moment for the iphone 4, iphone 4s, and iphone 5s. Is there iphone 4 8gb really that not good? It cost 160 dollars and after discount and tax… its basically only 150 dollars thats pretty cheap for an iphone. I know processor is slower but is it really that slow? Thing is i look at it and it seems like iphone 4s with 16gb would be best. However, virgin mobile doesn’t seem to sell it new… only used. They have the 8gb only though. Anyone know where i can get this?
  4. How much space minimum should i get? My ipod touch is 32gb but i rarely went over 8gb. However, i also rarely used it much and all i had there was tons of music. However, i would definitely use more of the iphone more with apps and some other stuff so its best 16gb min? I know 32gb would be way way too much as i never would use that much space.
  5. T Mobile Plan? Who here uses iphone with virgin mobile and with t mobile? Which do you prefer? Is the t mobile plan 50 dollars a month unlimited everything? Does t mobile still sell iphone 4 or 4s? I dont see it on their site.
  6. Black or White? I don’t know but the white looks better than the black. Some say it looks bit feminine.
    7… 3g vs 4g? Is it true t mobile plans you get 4g but with virgin mobile you dont get 4g unless you get an iphone 5? My android phone i used 3g and i felt like the speed was okay but not that fast with virgin mobile but it was perfectly fine.
    At this point, i think its best to go with virgin mobile and get a 4s iphone either 8gb or 16s. Preferbably 16gb but i can’t seem to find it online unless its used which is not what i want. Would like feedback from those who have iphone service with virgin mobile or t mobile.

1- 2 year contracts allow you to buy a phone at a heavily subsidized price. For example, look at the cost of a 16gb iPhone 5S. If you buy one tied to Verizon, Sprint or AT&T, it’s $199. An unlocked one (meaning that it’s not tied to a specific cell company) is $649. It’s a cheaper cost up front, even if the monthly bill is more. My cell bill is around $200 a month, BUT keep in mind that it’s a family plan with 5 lines (3 of them are smartphones with data plans). People may decide to go with a contract carrier because they know the tower coverage is great in their area, even if it costs a bit more.

2- The iPhone 5S is the most recent premium model; the 5C was released at the same time as the 5S, but is the budget model (slower processor, missing a few features, etc). Before that was the 5, which was the first iPhone that was a bigger size (it’s taller than older iPhones but the same width). The iPhone 4s was before that and is the older smaller size.

DO NOT get an iPhone 4. It has a single core processor, while the 4S and newer have dual core. The 4 can teeeeechnically run ios7 (the current iPhone operating system), but a bunch of features are disabled because of the slower processor. Even with that, a LOT of people with an iPhone 4 have said it can’t handle ios7 - its very sluggish, freezes up, etc. Don’t get the very oldest model that an o/s or app will support.

3- Again, no 4! :stuck_out_tongue: 8gb would probably start to fill up fast, too. I’d agree the 4S would be a good choice. Ask Virgin Mobile if their used phones are refurbished (and by whom. Apple themselves?). If they are, I’d get a used one, no problem. I’ve bought tons of refurbished electronics and have never had a problem.

4- 16gb is the bare minimum, imo. It gets eaten up pretty quickly with the o/s, apps, photos, music. I don’t think you’d need to get 32gb with what you’ve said here.

Whoops, here’s the rest:

5- can’t help you here, because I have AT&T (and still have my grandfathered unlimited data plan, even though I’ve upgraded twice since then and left iPhones for my awesome Lumia).

6- Get whatever one you want. Sheesh. Does it really matter if someone thinks the white is “feminine”? Apple has had a black version and a white version of things for years now (going back to mid-2000s MacBooks) and I always called the choices “Vader” and “Stormtrooper”. :slight_smile:

7- I had an iPhone 4 with 3G until I upgraded to my current Lumia 1020 with 4G. Personally, I don’t find 4G all THAT much better than 3G*. I’d actually like if AT&T would let me switch 4G on and off on my phone, since 3G is just fine for me, especially since 4G is more battery hungry.

  • When I went from EDGE/2G to 3G, though? THAT was a huuuuge difference.

Thanks for that information.
They dont have any refurbished or new iphone 4s 16 gb available on virgin mobile site. Its either sold out or not avaialbe.
They have iphone 4 8gb which is on sale for 160 dollars and the iphone 4s 8gb for 280 dollars… this is before taxes and fees. Then they have the iphone 5s and other 5c but im not interested in it b/c i dont need the most updated one and also its very expensive and looks long.
The thing is the iphone 4 8gb one… i cant believe its only 160 dollars. Seems very cheap compared to the 4s which cost 120 more. If i had to get one of these 2… which would you suggest?
I do see the iphone 4s 16gb on ebay but again… its people selling it so its a used iphone and well i dont think im that interested if you know what i mean. Do they even sell the iphone 4s 16gb new for virgin mobile anymore?
Also is virgin mobile and t mobile the only 2 carriers thats month to month? Heres the other thing. I wont be activating my phone with tmobile when i get it for quite some time.

The iPhone4 is so cheap because it’s absolutely ancient in smartphone-years. Like I said above, it has only a single core processor and doesn’t have enough power to really run iOS 7. I really liked my iPhone 4 - I actually kept it for 3.5 years because I didn’t find a newer smartphone that really wowed me until recently. But I didn’t upgrade to iOS 7 - I didn’t have enough hard disk space anyway (I had a 16 gb iPhone 4. Upgrading to iOS 7 required 3gb of free space, and after 3+ years of very heavy daily use, I was lucky if I could have 1 gb free) and I knew it was underpowered for the fancy schmancy stuff in iOS7. A lot of the coolest looking apps will require iOS7 now, so I couldn’t install them.

So I honestly would.not.get. an iPhone 4 in 2014. I’m not someone who believes you have to have the LATEST AND GREATEST super-fancy phone, but I really think it’d be a mistake to get a 4.

Are you in the US? This CNet article about why you can’t take an unlocked iPhone to another carrier has some good information (they specifically talk about the iPhone 4S, but it applies to every iPhone model). The second question is about Virgin Mobile, specifically.

The most important part of the link:

Other than that, I went to Virgin Mobile’s (USA) site to look at the phones, and the 16gb 4S says “temporarily out of stock”. I don’t have experience with VM, but it sounds like they might get them back in but you have to wait a bit (or perhaps contact them and ask). What about the Samsung Galaxy S3? They have it for only $262.49 and that’s a damn good price. It’s Android instead of iPhone, but both are smartphone O/Ses.

This PhoneArena link has Virgin Mobile’s Galaxy S3, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S together for comparison.

Straight Talk has an unlimited talk, text, and data plan for $45 for 30 days. If you use more than 2.5 of data, however, they will throttle your data speed from 3G/4G down to 2G/EDGE. You can buy iPhones 4, 4S, 5C, and 5S from them, but they’re expensive, at least $450.00. But if you can get a cheaper one, you can use any GSM iPhone with them. Make sure the phone is compatible with AT&T or T-Mobile’s network, as those are the networks they use for iPhone users.

By the way, T-Mobile does not require contracts anymore. They are now prepaid, which means you can go month to month with no commitment. You can also buy phones from them on the installment plan. I believe it’s $99 down and $20 a month until the phone is paid for. You’re not required to buy a phone from them, either. They also have a bring your own phone program and will happily sell you a sim card provided it’s an unlocked GSM phone.