Can someone remind me of this experiment about FTL data transmission?

Please bear with me in that IANA physicist and may be abusing the terminology.

I saw this on a television program some years ago, but I can’t remember the show or the scientist.

Briefly, the experiment purported to show that data can be transmitted at faster than light speed. A music recording was digitized and emitted as photons (maybe ouput through a fiber optic cable?). There was also a receiver, but some kind of light block between the emitter and receiver.

The claim was that the only way light could reach the receiver was by quantum packets passing through the light barrier, which apparently happens either in zero time, or a time that indicates a speed higher than c.

The received material was put back into acoustical form, and was still recognizeable as the original music that was sent. So the experiment claimed this proved FTL data transmission.

Has this experiment been debunked? Has some other explanation of the results been offered?

I think you mean this experiment by Günter Nimtz.

It is thought this is not FTL communication when the experiment is thought about more carefully.