Can someone spoil "Spider-Man: The Animated Series" for me?

…The 90s one, that ran from 1994-98, that is.

I’ve just started watching the Reruns on the Family Channel, and caught the end of the “Hydro Man” saga from season 5, which revealed that…

[spoiler]…the Mary Jane that Peter married in episode 53 was a clone! And a clone who ends up dying, to boot.


This, perhaps, is one of the many reasons behind the naming of episode 64, “I Really, Really Hate Clones.” Don’t we all, Spidey. Don’t we all…

Anyway, what I’m curious is…what happened to the original MJ in the first place? And was she ever found again?

In the final episode, Madame Web takes Spidey on a quest where he meets many different versions of himself from other dimensions and timelines and universes, including one where he is a beloved fictional character created by Stan Lee. Of course Stan (doing his own voice) and “our” Spidey meet and have a nice heart-to-heart. Finally, Madame Web whisks Spidey away to finally be reunited with the real Mary Jane. It’s actually kinda nice.

Thanks for the info, Voodoo Lou! What the revolution comes, I’ll see to it that you’re spared my wrath. :wink:

Hold on;

Before that, Mary Jane dissappeared into limbo. The Green Goblin took Mary Jane cause he wanted to fight Spidey. Stuff happened, and Mary Jane fell off the roof. Spidey shot some web to try and catch her; BUT SHE DISSAPPEARED. This transdimentional transporter activated under her! Unforntuently, it didn’t have enough power to transport her anywhere, so she was stuck inbetween. The same thing happened to the Green Goblin.

I probably missed some stuff, hopefully someone will fix this.

Also, the Spidey animated series was followed-up in a series called Spider-Man Unlimited. It lasted one season and was very, very confusing: it dealt with Spidey following Venom and Carnage to Counter-Earth, an askew verision of the “real” Earth. I believe Mary Jane was referenced in the series (as in, “Man, I wish I was back on MY Earth so I could see MJ!”).

There was one really funny scene in the final ep of the original toon:

When Spidey is confronting his various selves, he sees the Scarlett Spider (basically, Spidey in a warm up jacket) and says, “I don’t even want to KNOW your story”.

Nice jab at the dreaded Spider-Clone storyline (the very storyline that turned me off to Spidey forever).