Can someone tell me the name of this neighborhood in Pittsburgh?

it looks kind of interesting.

My wife is a Pittsburger, so I’ll take a stab at it. Isn’t this called “Northside” or “the North Side” or something like that?

That’s the Mexican War Streets neighborhood, which is located on the North Side.

That’s definitely on the North Side.

thank you that was very interesting

I believe ZomZom got it right. It’s on the North Side as people have mentioned, and if you pan down a bit you can see Heinz Field and Roberto Clemente Park.

I haven’t been there in years, but when I lived in Pittsburgh about 10 years ago, I had some friends who owned a home there. It’s a pretty cool area of a few blocks, and folks were investing in the property and fixing it up, hoping to turn a fairly run down area into a nice urban living environment.

Maybe a current Pittsburgher can chime in and tell us how successful the transformation has been.

The neighbourhood recently collaborated with Google Maps on the Street With A View project. There’s some amusing stuff on that street if you just look around.

Pretty strange. Type 432 Sampsonia Way into that same map and look at the street view to see what I mean.