can someone translate this mathematical term into chinese?

can someone translate the german word “vektorraumisomorphismus” into chinese?
the english translation should be something like “vector area isomorphism”
i don’t really know what this word means, but i need the translation for a friend who has a bet going about this
if i let babelfish translate “vector area isomorphism” i get this: ´«È¾Ã½½éÇøÓòͬ¹¹
the problem is i can’t read that and i also dont know if this is really the correct chinese term for this
so can someone tell me what the correct chinese term is and how to pronounce it?

thanks in advance

vektorraumisomorphismus translates to “vector space isomorphism”. You’ll have better success translating “vector space” and “isomorphism” individually.

isomorphism - “¯»Œ^«

that’s simplified chinese… can’t find anything for vector space.

I know no Chinese except that it is uninflected and uses lots of particles, so I would assume that you would do better starting with “isomorphism of vector space” (no plurals either). There are zillions of Chinese mathematicians so I would just try to find one.