Can Superman be tickled?

Bullets bounce off him and he can crush rocks into powder, but how good is his sensitivity? Does all that invulnerability make him less sensitive to, say, the down of a baby duck? If someone brushes a feather against him, does he feel ticklish? Or would the same power that prevents injury lessen his sensitivity? I’m assuming he can probably will his sensitivity to whatever he wants almost, or to fit the plot of the story. Would an accidental brushing of something soft against his skin even register in his brain?

Indeed so.

That’s the cover to an old Superman comic. So evidently he can. But Lois probably isn’t up to it.

He always says, “That tickles!” whenever he gets hit by some villain.

You’re not calling him a liar are you?

If you’ve got a kryptonite feather.

Only by somebody with the power of super-tickling.

Maybe with a cattle prod.

If standard attacks tickle him, couldn’t you keep pummeling him until he’s doubled over in laughter? It may not kill him but it might buy you time to rob the bank and get away, or whatever.

At one point in a Superboy story, he noted that it didn’t actually tickle, but he thought it was funny to say so.

Tough to say. Batman being batman, he would have the aforementioned kryptonite feather, which Supes would be helpless against. Superman would seriously Rupture Batsy when he went in with his fingers.

It probably comes down to who moves first.

Superman’s invunerability kicks in above a certain level of force, which is why he’s able to touch things, etc.

Hell, I can’t even be tickled, I wold hope Supes can mange to ignore it.

You can’t tickle Batman. For tickling to be effective, it requires a certain element of surprise, and Batman is always prepared.