Can sweetness be measured chemically?

Packets of artificial sweeteners typically say something like “Sweet as 2 teaspoons of sugar”. Is this something that can be quantitatively measured in a laboratory? Or is it merely the consensus of the manufacturer’s taste-testers?

Many sweet things are measured in Brix, which is actually a measure of dissolved sugars. I don’t know of any sort of scale that compares sweetness between chemically different substances, though.

Brix: a measure of fruit sweetness | Dave Wilson Nursery.

There’;s a scale of “percent sucrose equivalent”, but I suspect it all comes back to a human taster

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Scoville rating for hot peppers and the like was also defined based on human tasters. Nowadays, for capsaicin (the key ingredient in chili peppers), it’s normalized to the chemically-measured capsaicin levels, but you can still use human tasters to define a Scoville equivalent for other spicy chemicals.

I only knew about Brix because a good friend was a winemaker. Sugar content is important there!