Can Tanning beds cause blindness?

I remember being told this years ago and always questioned the validity of the claim. Anyone ever hear of this? Is it true?

This all seems pretty straightforward. The answer to your question is, “Yes.”

UV rays, such as found in sunlight and tanning beds, in large doses cause burns to body tissues. Although most sunburns are first degree, second and even third degree burns are possible, if rare.

If your eyes are exposed to large doses of UV then you can sunburn your retinas. This can cause temporary to permanent blindness, the degree and permanency depending on the severity of the injury.

This is why tanning parlors are supposed to give you those funky goggles to put over your eyes. To protect your eyes and prevent injuries.

I don’t know if it has actually happened, but if you left the goggles off and started at the UV lights then it would seem possible to cause your eyes injuries.