can the ELF do this?

Given the current “anti-terrorism” climate in the U.S. I am wondering how the Earth Liberation Front can keep their website up. It is filled with snippets claiming responsibility for numerous acts of domestic terrorism. It also advocates committing further acts of terrorism and gives a printable “How-to” on starting arson fires. The Animal Liberation Front is even worse. They take credit for criminal activities and acts of domestic terror as well. The thing that I think makes them worse is that they have detailed instructions available on their sight on how to sink ships, set fires and raid laboratories. With the way our current government is chasing Al Quaida you would think that they would spare a few minuets of their time to deal with a real threat. Al Quaida has gotten more press coverage, but the ELF and the ALF are far more active and IMHO far more dangerous. Our government can’t stop them at the border or search them at an airport because they are already here. They have destroyed more buildings than Al Quaida and if you count all of the research that they have destroyed it is quite possible that they have killed more people. The ELF and ALF might not have bombed people, but when you destroy years of research and prevent medicines from being developed people will die all the same.

Well, people are going to fulfill their part of the 100% mortality rate regardless of what medicines are created. I think that the difference between al-Queda and AFL/ELF is that ALF/ELF target the economic interests of companies that they see as being harmful to the environment and animals and they don’t intend to inspire fear in the general population.