Can the god you believe in time travel?

If you baked the first cake at 2pm, decided that it was screwed up and decided to rebake it at that very same 2pm, then it would be considered time travel for the purpose of this conversation.

For the purpose of this conversation, can we not play the “infinite universe” cheatcode?

I don’t believe he or anything else could ever go anywhere in time besides the present. No matter how powerful he was.

Ability? Sure.

However, I am certain that this would break the arch of time and render whatever experiment The Creator was attempting useless. He/She/It needs to let this universe run its course.

Whether there are parallel universes also running, or if The Creator perceives duration the same way we do, is left as an exercise for the reader.

In fact, I’ll cut y’all a break. “It is my belief that the god I worship can change what has already happened, but would not do so for (insert reason here)” would be an acceptable answer.

If He had changed what already happened, how could you tell?


My understanding of many believers I’ve talked to is that God is “outside time”, but also “everywhere”. So it’s not so much that God can time travel, but that he is present in all times at once, and so has no need of “traveling” there.

Maybe I’ll ask that question next time, since I didn’t ask it this time. If you wish to start your own thread on that, I’d love to see the responses.

"“The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”

This quote from Omar Khayyám is what got me interested in this topic, by the way.

In our post-Einstein understanding of space-time, I don’t think it would make sense for God to be confined to one specific location in time without also being confined to one specific location in space.

He’d send an A2C to show you how the universe looks now, instead of how your personal memories tell you it should look.

Not Clarence, though. He got his wings, and he doesn’t have to take those assignments any more.

If God was all powerful and all knowing then evolution or creating anything beyond a final goal would be pointless. If he has a purpose I think he just has to wait it out to see if it works or not. A billion years to us might be a split second to him, so time in our terms may be irrelevant.

From God’s POV (If we are to assume he exists outside the time continuum) he hasn’t rewritten anything. He’s just created another reality.

From our POV, nothing has been rewritten as we are only aware of the reality we exist in.

So yes, God can make a cake with chocolate frosting, AND he can make a cake with Vanilla frosting. But those two cakes are not one in the same.

But can he actually unmake the first cake?

Can one “unbuild” a house?

Nope. There is a vast difference between “deconstructing” and “unconstructing”- you cannot return all materials to their original states, and you cannot put the dirt back in the same way and order you dug it up in the first place.

Well, there’s your answer right there.

If God is eternal, s/he does not travel through time because s/he exists everywhere and everywhen. If God is perfect and can do what s/he pleases, there’s no reason ever to change anything. Only people who believe in a literal biblical deluge think God can, or ever needs to, erase past mistakes, and even then s/he didn’t go back in time, s/he just scoured the Earth with a flood.

If God could time-travel, whatever s/he wanted to do would occur in real time for those experiencing it, wouldn’t have happened yet for those further back on the time line, and be the only history anybody else ever knew.

I like the Khayyam quote, but I saw a more personally applicable version on a glurgy dentist’s office sign: “Life is drawing without an eraser.” Every smudge or mistake is going to be part of the finished picture, so make it as pretty as you can.

Nope-that’s an analogy tied to, well…I don’t know what. Could you try a direct answer to a direct question, instead of dancing around the point?

I gave you a direct answer. You just weren’t happy with it.