Can the god you believe in time travel?

Does omnipotence include the ability to travel through time and if so can your god change what already has happened?

I stopped telling God what to do some time back…

Which means…?

Why would he change it, it all might be for the greater good?

My god can do anything except make a burrito so big he can’t eat it.

Not asking why.

That’s the contradiction between omnipotence and omniscience. If you can change your mind about something happening, then you didn’t know what was going to happen in the first place.

Means I don’t know, couldn’t predict, and won’t try. God is, by definition, unknowable, except that which God wishes us to know.

Time travel? throws hands in the air How would I know? How would ANYONE know?


He doesn’t need to time travel, because whatever happens is what happened. The universe isn’t some thing that needs fine tuning. It just is.

God doesn’t care who wins football games, either.

Again, I am not asking “would she/he?” I am asking “could she/he?”

My god is Doctor Who, so…

If God exists outside of time, then God doesn’t need to time travel.

I don’t believe in God but if I did, I’d guess the concept of time would seem rather foreign to him.
Kind of like those wormhole aliens on DS9.

Doesn’t really answer the question.
Could he rewrite history so that Herod’s Heart Wasn’t Hardened and he let Moses go before the plagues hit him wear it hurt(or any other example that you prefer)?
Not would he.
Not should he.

Could he?

Exactly. Any God worthy of the name transcends time. Everything that has happened and will happen is equally accessible. The question of time travel is meaningless. That’s like saying it’s “time travel” to flip back to a previous chapter in a novel.

I also don’t think God would need to change anything. I know a lot of religious people who see God’s intervention everywhere, and I reject that idea; the universe doesn’t need to be tweaked.

(I’m cheating a little on the question here, as I consider myself an agnostic and don’t have a “god I believe in.” But if I did, I’d damn sure expect that god to transcend all dimensions.)

So are you stating that time is static and even if you could look, you can’t touch?

I am not sure that is the correct word, exist in all places and times simultaneously is probably a more correct way to put it.
You can not actually travel someplace if you are already there.

change can to will, and the answer is no
For one, it kind of screws with free will, two even a lesser being than God can see that
the ramifications of trying to change time, even for the best of reasons, could result in a horrific outcome.

If I screwed up baking a cake, and decided to throw it in the trash and bake another one, did I travel back in time?

As I have repeatedly said, that is very specifically not the question I am asking. This isn’t about your god’s wants, needs, desires or intentions. This is about her/his ability only.

If there are infinite universes, which I think is likely, then any change God could make has already happened in another universe anyway (e.g., there’s no need for God to go back in time and stop Czarcasm from starting this thread, because there’s already a universe in which Czarcasm didn’t start this thread).