Can the phone company find out who called me?

I have gotten one of two nuisance phone calls on my mobile phone over the past few weeks.
Its someone who knows me, but isnt a close friend.
My parents suspected it was a friend (they prank call a bit) but firstly it didnt sound like any of mine, and secondly it wasnt their style.

I am with Vodafone and have the time/date of the calls. Is there any way i can find out their number?
(I cant use my Caller ID on the phone as they had “call number sending” turned off)

There are people at Vodafone who can find out what number the calls were made from, but they probably won’t tell you. You can call Customer Care and explain that you have received harassing/nuisance calls. Vodafone should take your information. They will likely try to get these calls stopped, but they probably won’t offer up the number calling you. (You never know, though. It won’t hurt you to ask them to give you the number.) They may let you know that that these calls are being made from pay phones and that there is nothing they can do. They may also be able to block calls coming from that number. Complaining to the police might get you the information you seek if you are willing to take it that far.

We had a problem with harassing phone calls once - not one or two, but literally dozens over the course of a couple of weeks. We were also pretty sure who was responsible (a former co-worker of my father’s who blamed my dad, wrongly, for getting fired). However, when we talked to AT&T, we were told that before they would release the number to us, we needed to a) keep a log of all the incoming calls (date and time), and 2) file a complaint with the police. Only then would AT&T check the number for us. Absent the police complaint, all they would do for us was change OUR (land line) number and make it unlisted, free of charge.

I have no personal experience with Vodafone, but I have a feeling that customer privacy is something they are also keen to maintain. If you think you know the person, and you know what their personal phone numbers are, you could try asking Vodafone to block those numbers… but it won’t help if you have a persistent person calling from a payphone. Good luck to you.