Can the XBox 360 read any size protable drive?

Mine can see my 5 GB flash drive just fine. It will not detect my 240 GB portable drive.

Stab in the dark here.
Aren’t flash drives done in FAT? What is the upper limit in disk size in FAT? Could the 240 GB be NTFS or something?

I don’t know if thats your problem but it can really foul up things.

Yip. While most new hard drives are formatted FAT32, some do come as NTFS. The XBOX can only read FAT32 or HFS+ (Mac) formatted hard drives, and that’s only if you have the iPod compatibility patch.

Also, Windows won’t let you format your drive over 32MB, so you’ll need a third party app. And FAT32 has an upper file limit size of 4 GBs, no matter what OS you use. HFS+ support in Windows requires a program called MacDrive.

Of course, none of this is a problem if you use Linux or a Mac.

You must’ve meant GB, not MB, and it depends which version of Windows you’re using. Oddly, a googling seems to indicate XP or later have this limitation, but 98 doesn’t. :dubious: Good going there, MS…