Can This be the End of James Bond?

I’ve heard rumors flying around that the producers of the Bond flicks are considering a different twist in the casting when Brosnan’s contract is up. The next James Bond may be … a woman! Catherine Zeta-Jones is the name being bandied about in connection with the role.

Okay, now I agree that they either need to stop making Bond films or do something to revitalize them. The last two or three have been really appalling, almost totally unwatchable, even considering that the last three supervillians (Bean, Pryce & Carlyle) are all in my top ten favorite actor list. But I think there are a lot of things they should consider before casting shooting the series in the head like this. Not that I wouldn’t love to see more action movies with a female protagonist, but not a Bond film.

What about remaking some of the classics? Okay, maybe not “Goldfinger”, but just about any of the Roger Moore ones are ripe to be remade. Get rid of that '70’s look and use some current technology. Another suggestion - what about putting Bod back where he belongs - the Cold War? Not only would the character be less of an anachronism in a movie set in, say, 1963, but you’ve got a major enemy/villain to put him up against, not just some guy who wants a lot of money.

Anyway, what do you Bondies think of all this? Would you watch a Jane Bond film? What would you do if the producers said, okay, you fix it?

Jane Bond
Awright! You bet your freakin’ fanny I’d watch. I loved Charlie’s Angels (the movie - yeah, I know it was cheesy) and would love to see some chick kickin’ butt!

However, I’ve enjoyed the last few James Bonds. They can’t be any cheesier than the old ones I’ve seen. Pierce Brosnan is a honey.

No, we don’t need a female James Bond. We got Laura Croft for that role(I am excited about this movie btw).


Just what Roger Moore movie would you remake?

I have another idea for a new movie. Have Bond spoil a plan that Suddam has to set off nukes in America.

Another plot is to have Bond discover the Anti Christ conspiracy.

Remake the Moore Bond movies? Heck, they’re already remakes! Compare “The Spy Who Loved Me” with “You Only Live Twice”. “A View to a Kill” is virtually “Siliconfinger”.“Moonraker” is easily the worst Bond movie ever – no point in remaking IT.

Apparently they originally considered basing movies on the new Bond books, which explains in part “Licence to Kill” (similar – at least a little in name – to John Gardner’s “License Renewed”), but they chickened out. Some of the Gardner and Benton books are worth mining for material (although the most recent Benton book reads like a remake of “From Russia with Love”.)
And Bond a woman? Perish the thought! One of Gardner’s less appealing ideas was to make Q a woman, named “Q’ute” (“Cute” – get it?)

I don’t think Bond films could be the same with a female lead. It’s not that there’s anything inherently wrong with that, just that '70s style sleazy puns and three-dead-bad-guys-martini-chat-up-line-wham-bam-thank-you-mam would be harder to pull off with a female character. It would look like even more of an Austin Powers caricature than it does now.

Mind you, I’d vote for Michelle Yeoh in the role any day.

I think maybe the Bond franchise has become a case of the tail wagging the dog. It’s like the scriptwriters sit down with a “James Bond Madlibs” pad and fill in a few blanks. You know, name a gadget, now name a sports car brand, now name a hair color, now name an unlikely vehicle you could chase someone with, etc. It has become a victim of it’s own limitations. It has to have a new car gadget, a new hand-held gadget, two bond girls, a scene in the gadget factory, a one-liner after each close call, etc.

“Never Say Never” was a great example of what you can do with a remake. It even managed to keep a lot of the cliches, but still avoid looking formula. One that could make an interesting remake (IMO) is “The Man With The Golden Gun”. I like the idea of Bond going one-on-one with someone who is every bit as good an assassin, without a whole flock of distracting henchmen. The original was pretty cheesey, but it could actually make a tight little thriller if done correctly. Take out some of the over-the-top bits, cast a good villain (Denzel Washinton or Sam Neill come to mind), make sure you keep some exotic locations, and give some depth to at least one of the female characters. People always sit up and notice when they put in an interesting Bond girl (is there anyone, male or female, who didn’t long to see Michelle Yeoh back, especially after being subjected to Denise Richards?)

FYI, it’s Lara Croft. And yes, I’m excited about it too. Yummy! She’s even got that great accent.

I’m all into female leads in action/spy movies (like Charlie’s Angels), but I don’t think a female would fit in the Bond genre. They could start a new series, but you can’t call it anything to do with Bond. Bond is more than just spy action, it’s got the whole male fantasy thing going for it, where he always gets the hot chicks as well. The only way it would work is if the chick was a lesbian, and ended up getting the hot chicks. No guy wants to see a woman chasing the men around, and most women aren’t attracted to action movies, so I don’t think it would work.

I think that makes sense.

I’ll take that bet.

How about drumroll please

Live and Let Die

Ewwwwweeee. That one reeked.

What, you didn’t think a 23 year old blonde babe could be a world renowned and respected nuclear physicist? :smiley:

Jane Bond would be interesting. I doubt they could sell itm though. Maybe it’s time for the series to end. Lord knows there have been enough of them. Plus, if you really need a Bond fix (in the US, anyway) You can always turn on TBS - they seem to run them as a marathon about every other month or so.

*Originally posted by bernse *

Hey, I liked that one. That movie had a bunch a cool stuff in it. The alligators and the crocks ;), the wild black guy with the skeleton painted on him from the 7 up commercial, the BEST boat chase ever and the funny sheriff. Remember the line, “he’s a secret agent? On whooooosssse side?” And who could forget the most beautiful Bond girl yet…Jane Seymour.

I know the plot wasn’t as good as some of Bonds but the movie was entertaining. Plus “Live and Let Die” was the best theme song from any James Bond too. So give “Live and Let Die” its due Bernse. Moonraker was worse or how about Octopussy(other than the girls)

Not to mention, what do they do about the opening credits. Do they change it to beefcake silhouettes? Hmm, I’m starting to see the upside of this…

And yet, Moonraker was the worst Bond film ever. The others at least had something good about them. “Live & Let Die” had Geoffrey Holden and a great song. “The World is Not Enough” had Robert Carlyle (however badly used), John Cleese and more of Judi Dench and Robbie Coltrane. “View to a Kill” had Christopher Walken. “Moonraker” had…nada. No redeeming features at all.

007 was a creature of the Cold War.
Cold War over.

Bond’s reason for existing is kaput.

Let JB die.

Although, a film entitled “The Death Of Bond”… hmmm.

Didn’t he already die once? In ‘You Only Live Twice’?

What Catherine Zeta Jones actually said was something like “I’d never be a Bond girl! If I was going to be in it, I’d play Bond himself!”

But she was kidding around.

I concede, the last few James Bond flicks have shown little imagination, and while I’ve enjoyed most of the Bond films, I’ll understand completely, and won’t shed any tears, if the series comes to an end.

However, I reject the notion that the end of the COld War doomed James Bond, because…


Oh sure, Ian FLeming’s BOOKS were rooted in the COld War, and all of his villains were either Russians working for SMERSH (an assassination wing of the KGB) or fellow travellers. But in the movies, the Russians were never the villains. Indeed, more often than not, the movies make the Russians out to be decent chaps. The bad guys are always rich capitalists, egomaniacal tycoons, greedy international businessmen, or members of SPECTRE (a cartel of ruthless businessmen).

In short, Albert Broccoli’s films turned Ian Fleming’s stories on their head!

Female Bond? Not if I can stop it.

The last two stunk, but Goldeneye was certainly entertaining, and the video game kicked arse as well. As far as Bond being stuck in its own cliche, I don’t know if that’s such a bad thing. If they change too much they lose their tradition and, as a result, a portion of their die-hard fans. A Russian bad guy would be nice… you think Putin will be up to playing himself?

A female 007 would offend the very core of Bond, which is, as stated in Austin Powers: “Women want him. Men want to be him.” See, men want beautiful women anyway, so making one a superspy won’t add anything to the equation. And not all (heck, probably very few) women want to be superspies and play with high-tech gadgets. So it just don’t fly.

I have no problem with Bond encountering a female double-0 agent, though; in fact, that’s probably long overdue. Just imagine, 007 and, oh, let’s call her 008, side by side, thwarting the evil forces that threaten the free world! He, pouring on the charm, frustrated at his failure to win her! She, putting him off, yet secretly attracted to him!

Damn, now I have to write this screenplay before someone else does…

(There’s never been a 008. right? I remember a 009, a 006, and a 003, but not 008…)

I don’t like the idea of a female Bond…like posters have said before, it’s just not right. For a new movie, I say Moneypenny goes berserk, steals some nukes, and then threatens to blow up the world cause Bond dumped her, oh, 800 times with all the various Bond girls over the years.

I’m no Bond fan, but I thought GoldenEye was terrible! I liked Tomorrow Never Dies better.

I seem to be the only person in the Universe who thinks that, though, including Pierce Brosnan.

IIRC, the GoldenEye video game made more money than the movie.