Can too much pain cause an individual to pass out

For example he receives too much pain and he becomes unconscious and falls to the ground?
Thank you for answers in advance!

No. They usually stay standing up.

You’re welcome!

It *can *happen that way, but there’s no guarantee that a given situation will actually produce unconsciousness in particular individual. There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence that you can have quite horrific things happen to you and still remain conscious, such as being horribly burned, having limbs severed, or your face eaten off by a chimpanzee.

Thanks, Now I have these images to think about. Especially t hat last one. :dubious:

Dear gvozd, this together with another recent thread you started seem to suggest that you are obsessing a whole lot about horribly gruesome agonizing painful (and did I mention unpleasant?) things that can happen to people, or terrible ways people can kick the bucket. Is there some pattern here?

If so, I confess I do too, but I’d like to see more discussion of ways one can maximize one’s chances of having things like that NOT happen that way.

Dear Senegoid,

Oh yeah. That’s bad? If so, why?

OK. I hope you see what you want to see.

Anecdotal evidence? I’ve not only passed out from pain…I’ve passed out (“fainted”) from seeing other people in pain.

Does fainting from emotional overload count for what you’re looking for?

@Senegoid: no good deed goes unpunished. But good for you for trying.

Then don’t ever, ever click the following link. Ever!