Can triple antibiotic ointment be used on animals?

Are any domestic animals harmed by the use of ointments such as Neosporin?

My vet told me to use Neosporin or any of its clones on minor cuts or scrapes on our dog. I don’t know about cats.

Triple antibiotic ointment is fine for horses. Most people find it expensive compared to livestock-approved alternatives (you can buy a pound of nitrofurazone for $7 or $8, compared to an ounce of neosporin for $3), but there’s no medical reason not to use it.

My brother’s vet told him to put Neosporin on his 40-lb dog’s skin rash.

When my girlfriend’s housemate’s cat got into a scrape while the housemate was out of town, we cleaned it up with hydrogen peroxide and put some Neosporin-type stuff on it to no apparent ill effect.

The main problem with using topicals on animals is that they tend to lick it off and it wouldn’t be much help. As long as the animal is not allergic to any of the ingredients it’s not likely to cause a problem. If they decide to eat the entire tube it might have a bit of a laxative effect.

It also depends on what you are using it for, if an animal has a bad skin infection and you put neosporin on it it may be as effective as pissing on a forest fire. Sometimes a systemic antibiotic or other medication (like an antihistamine or antiinflamatory) is going to be more effective.