Can two human clones exist ?

In a science journal I came across this article stating that human clones cannot co-exist together , since our sytems our vey complex comared to the other aniimals that have been cloned. If this is true why are there efforts to clone humans

Name the journal. please. They are mistaken.

Human clones are produced naturally every month. They are called “identical twins”.

And human “systems” are not objectively more “complex” than sheep.


Change “objectively” to “biochemically” in the above post.

I’m a little confused by the point of the OP asking if human clones can co-exist together. If cloning humans is impossible because their systems are too “complex” then even a single clone could not exist.

But from what I’ve read, the problems with human cloning are ethical not technical. It is feasible to make one or more human clones.

Well, my sisters are clones, and they co-exist nicely. Of course, they were cloned naturally not artificially but they are still clones.

In fact, my sisters are more identical than artificial clones would be. They share the same mitochondia and other cytoplasmic factors, the same gestational environment, they were born at the same time, grew up in the same time and place, and were raised by the same family. Most artificial clones won’t have the same things, they’ll be more different.

This months’ Wired magazine has a cover story on human cloning. The consensus is that any IVF facility out there could create human clones if they wanted too. We’re going to see artificially created clones within a couple of years, regardless of the laws. In fact, human cloning could have already happened, but hasn’t been pulicized by the parents of the clone.

Well, there is a difference betweem creating two humans with the same genes, and creating a human with the same gene as a pre-existing human.

Right, TheRyan, but the latter is pretty much the domain of science fiction (pretty bad science fiction, too). Although not certain, I can speak pretty confidently when I say that no scientists are trying to grow 30-year-old men.

Cloning is “creating two humans with the same genes”, or animals or plants, too. No, not two humans with the same plants. Shit, I can’t construct a paragraph for the life of me. cloning is making a genetic copy of an organism.



If they can clone monkeys, there is nothing to stop them from cloning humans. I bet someone has already done it.

jb, I think you misunderstood TheRyan’s point. The term “cloning”, at least in the context of the OP, refers to artificially creating a new organism genetically identical to one already in existence. That doesn’t mean it would pop out a big glass cylinder the same age as the original organism. That would most certainly be science fiction. Adult sheep have been cloned already, and I believe cattle as well, so there appear to be no scientific barriers to cloning humans in the near future.

sounds like either (1) you mis-read the article or (2) it was not raelly a science journal

You didn’t find this “Journal” at a Trekkie convention, did you?

Sputnik, you’re right.

My bad, TheRyan.