Can U.S. Sailors whiz off the deck rail?

No more urinals for male Sailors.

Is it possible to whiz off a big ships deck rail? Without hitting people on the lower decks or dribbling down the hull?

I suspect there’s a rule against this. :smiley: But, would sailors walk all the way to the head just for a quick piss at sea?

Heck, in the evening I’ve been known to whiz in the backyard. :wink: I’m out therevwatering anyhow, and just dilute my contribution with the hose.

Not legally.

former FTG3
USS Virginia CGN 38

I’d imagine the issue isn’t a single sailor doing it, it’s the dozens of sailors who, at ay given time on a large ship, all need to pee at any given time. You don’t want the rails constantly lined with people peeing.

I should have asked about portholes too. Seems perfect when you’re in your cabin and need to pee.

Not sure if modern navy ships have portholes that open?

It can be pretty windy at sea. Just saying.

There’s also the issue that portholes are generally well above wiener level. You would have to stand on a chair or bunk. And probably bend over backwards to avoid the ceiling.

And the water is so cold…

good point. I’d forgotten how high portholes are.

As mentioned earlier, wind would be an issue. I went deep sea fishing a few years ago and several guys peed off the rail. The beer is to blame. :wink: That was a small boat and I do recall wind at times.

Yeah, and it’s deep too. :wink:

Interesting info on early sailing ship’s heads.

I saw these jokes coming from down the road, and I’m still laughing like a retard.

What is it with you and your friends pissing outside? (Ha)

LOL, if you’re somehow thinking the average US Navy sailor sleeps in a “cabin” with a porthole you’re a wee bit mistaken.

Save empty Gatorade bottles and send them to our sailors in need!

Not deep enough.

I bet a whole bunch of sailors whizzed off the ship that dumped bin laden’s dead ass. Must’ve been a whole lot of flushing goin’ on too.

Isn’t that what the poop deck was for?

Well, there was this one time in 1960…

Well, and the officers.

The trick is never to pee against the wind. This is also true for spitting.