Can we freeze grilled chicken?

I guess I’ve never heard of it before, but we’d like to grill a bunch of breasts and then throw them in the freezer for occasional later use. Does freezing grilled chicken - or other food, for that matter - present any health problems? Does the texture get ruined? What’s the deal?

You can buy frozen grilled chicken breasts, so I’m sure it’s OK. You should use the same caution in handling them as you would any other cooked meat: don’t leave it sitting out without refrigeration for long periods, and avoid cross-contamination with uncooked chicken.

Sure. The texture will degrade over time just like for raw chicken. Less health concerns than for raw chicken if they’re actually done before freezing. Any seasonings or sauces on them may lose flavor, and the chicken will to, just like freezing any other food.

I wouldn’t refreeze the grilled chicken if it been frozen before . I find this to made it taste rubbery .

Sure, grilled meat freezes just fine. Wrap it well and use it in 3-6 months for best flavor but it will remain edible and non-toxic far longer than that as long as it is kept frozen.

For best results, you want meat to freeze quickly. I’d wrap individual pieces and space them out for the initial freeze, I wouldn’t bundle them all up in one package until after they’re thoroughly frozen.

We do it all the time. At worst it gets a little dry.

Same here. If it gets dry, I use it in recipes calling for shredded chicken, or in soups, or whatever. But I grill and freeze chicken constantly. It saves me a lot of clean-up later.


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