Can we induce morality in sea monkeys?

Oh sure Wabbit!

Like your mealy-mouthed, whitebread, Bible-thumping Fundie Sea-monkeys, are gonna terrorize my hard-drinking, bar-fighting go-getters.

The point is kind of moot though. I forgot to feed mine and they are all dead. I’m waiting for the wter to completely evaporate so I can reanimate them.

If you add an unpleasant substance to the water after they engage in illicit sex, they will pair this substance with illicit sex and stop cheating on one another.

Why am I not surprised that Scylla tried to start a cult of sea monkies?

Only if V-MPH is as evil as the Old Ones. Now there’s something we could add to the Mythos!

I didn’t know you could still buy sea monkeys.

Yeah, where DOES one get those little buggers? I haven’t seen an ad for them since I last read my sister’s Archie comics!


My sea monkeys are gathered around singing “Kumbaya, My Lord” as we speak. (They would all be holding little sea-monkey hands had they any.)

I cannot give away all my superior sea-monkey morality instilling secrets, but I shall divulge one hint: spare the rod, spoil the sea monkey.

I do confess, however, to having no luck with my Mexican Jumping Beans.

let me get this straight, sea monkies live in their tank, something unthinkable happens, such as them acquiring nuclear weapons and a holy war breaking out between the Followers of the Vibrating Spudman (that sounds dirty…) and the Followers of the Feline with a Headgear Fetish (sounds dirty too) causing a complete die-off…

you allow the water to evaporate, add more and they rise from the DEAD?!?, that behavior reminds me of a similar lifeform…

but wait, it gets worse, you now have a tankful of RADIOACTIVE ZOMBIES (which would, coincedentially, make a cool name for a band)

you better be careful, Wabbit, have any of your Radioactive Zombie Sea Monkies been glowing a healthy green and staring hungrily at your brain?, you gotta be careful now, if the remake of Dawn Of the Dead tells us anything, it’s that if one rises as a zombie, they’re able to run faster than they have in life to hunt down prey, and that their strength increases dramatically, make sure you keep a fully loaded shotgun handy at all times…

perhaps the reason your reanimated Radioactive Zombie Sea Monkies (Band Name!) seem to no longer be interested in the religious icons you have provided them is because they’re drooling over the prospect of feasting on your Tasty Brains™…

Go to bed, Cartman. :rolleyes:

Thanks for making me laugh, Wabbit. If you decide to become a member, I’d be more than happy to pay for you. :slight_smile: