Can we raise the flags yet?

I’m not entirely sure why flags have been at half staff since the shootings in Colorado, but as mourning periods go for a dozen people we didn’t know and who, mostly, did not die heroically it has been more than long enough. Can we raise the God-damned flags yet? It’s getting to be recreational mourning every time somebody dies.

You can do whatever you want with the flags at your home or business; there is no law that says when you must raise or lower your flag. (BTW, the State of Connecticut has a helpful guide on its homepage telling you whether the national or state flag should be at half-staff; currently it says full staff for both.)

And here is a website that has flag status info for all fifty states.

“We” in this case was not the royal we, since I don’t have a flag, but a national we. It’s like nobody dare raise theirs first for fear of looking unpatriotic, unsympathetic, or un-Batman-fannish. Our long, national nightmare was over several news cycles ago.

Stick it where the sun don’t shine. Who gives a fuck other than uber-pats such as yourself?

Grief & empathy with the dead & injured @ Aurora has little to do with the star spangled banner.

Honestly, it’s just a patterned rag like all others. Raise and lower at will if you must. I am pretty sure the dead don’t give a shit either way.

“Uber-pat?” Moi? It’s news to me. I thought that I, as a yellow-dog Democrat, was supposed to support destroying this country and all it stands for. :rolleyes:

First the flag memo and now this. Honest, have I been taken off the memo distribution list?

Better still. Do as you wish.

Humor me, Red. What exactly are we arguing about? I’d like to know what made you so mad so I could get mad back atcha.

It’s easily Googled… There’s a nice article on Wikipedia…

It doesn’t say how long the mourning period is for flags at half-mast due to a Presidential declaration. I’d guess the period is specified in the declaration.

Here ya go… Obama said that the flags would be flown at half staff until July 25th. It was right there in his proclamation.

Dude, I am the worst Googler on earth. I usually screw up trying to find the capital of Utah. I’m inept at it, utterly. So if I can find something this easily, it means anyone else could have found it a hell of a lot more easily!

Oh, wait, this is the pit. I forgot. Um… “Pee Po Belly Bum Drawers.” Whew! Just made it!

I suspect the problem is that one of you wrote the OP and the other didn’t read it.

And what is today’s date? It is the 29th and they still are at half mast. :dubious:

I suspect a conspiracy of Batman fans who want the mourning period to extend the full 30 days. Or a rival studio is using it to remind people they may want to see a movie where they are less likely to be killed. I got it! It’s because women want their dates to take them to “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.”

Somebody call Limbaugh and suggest that Barry ordered the flags to half mast not for mourning but because he wanted to remind everyone about the dangers of guns.

Itsa Socialist conspiracy doncha know!

Didja see the movie about the Royal Family and the death of Princess Diana? The British public clamored for the Royals to lower their flags; the Royals said, nonsense, she doesn’t quality under the ancient rules of etiquette. The public got stinking mad. The Royals caved in.

I think something like this may be operating. The flags should have gone up again on the 29th. But postmasters and city managers and shopping center managers are afraid to appear insufficiently grief-stricken, and so are marking time. After all, what harm does it do to leave the flag at half-staff for an extra few days?

(Personally, when mourning, I wear black trousers, rather than wear my regular slacks at half-staff.)

Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground.
Er, sorry. I keep forgetting I’m supposed to stay mad in the Pit.

That’s according to the website linked above (which I thank Dewey Finn for, because there’s so many times I’ve seen half-staff flags and wondered WTF that was about.)

Doesn’t explain why they’re at half-mast today (if they are), but it sounds like someone forgot.

OK, I’ll raise my flag, but only because I hate Batman. He’s no Dakota North!

Simple. You are telling people that they don’t have the right to mourn as long as they want. You’re getting upset about a fucking flag when there are people who died. You think not having a stupid flag up for one day (a fucking Sunday) is worth starting a Pit thread over, which either means you are outraged or are a fucking whiner.

He assumed it must be patriotism, because nothing else makes sense why you would even care about a stupid flag custom for one freaking day, let alone make a pit thread over it. Since that’s not even it, you’ve shown you are an asshole, and this is the fucking pit, where we kick assholes.

Honestly, I kinda wonder if you are drunk posting again.

The only one I saw at half-mast this weekend was outside Wal-Mart. The “official” flags at the entrance to the shopping center were all normal.

Wailed BigT, whose own flag is permanently at half-mast.

Mine is upside down. :wink: