Can Wikipedia be brought down by trolls?

I don’t know exactly how Wiki works but I’ve been checking on this page since I read the thread in GQ about Elvis changing his name to “10% Animal” as stated by the Wiki article earlier this week. It got fixed but now reads, "Elvis was a very horny man, and according to Rolling Stone magazine “it was Elvis who made rock ‘n’ roll
the international language of pop.”

I’ve seen some good boards ruined by trolls, could this happen to Wikipedia?

It doesn’t say that anymore. When people do that on Wikipedia, especially on an entry for someone really famous, it tends to get fixed quickly.

Yeah. On the Internet, the “know-it-all” factor trumps trolls, and Wikipedia is bound to attract a lot of know-it-alls.

Wiki is very self-correcting and if an article changes too often it gets protected or locked down for a while.

Thanks guys!