Anybody know of a case where a woman has received the same name as there mother and therefore is called Jr. or the Ms.XXXX, the 3rd, 4th, etc…? It is common with men but why not with women, why?

Sure, Nancy Sinatra, Jr.

As to why it’s not done more frequently with females, probably because more often than not the female will take on the surname of the groom when she gets married. If she does that and has a Jr. after her name, the original meaning of the Jr. will be lost. After all, in the example Nancy is the daughter of Nancy Sinatra. If Nancy Sinatra Jr. married Bob Smith, she could then be Nancy Smith Jr. What would be the point of that?

Joan Crawford named her daughter Joan Crawford, Jr. A couple of months or years later, she changed the name to Christina.

I vaguely remember hearing about some currently famous person who made her daughter a junior, but it could be that I am totally wrong about that.

It’s not common with women because women have traditionally taken their husbands’ names at marriage, therefore they wouldn’t have the same name all their life. During childhood, it’s sufficient to refer to the daughter as “little Mary”

The other reason, same as men, women may be given a different middle name than their mother, so they aren’t truly a “junior.” In that case, the daughter would be known as “Mary Sue” or something like that.

My sister has the same first name as my mother (but a different middle name). She was never called “junior”. In order to differentiate them, my sister had a nickname derived from the first name. But now she generally goes by her full name, except within the family. Her hsuband has the same first name as his father, but he was never a “junior” either (except on his birth certificate). He too got a nickname based on the first name but now he uses his full name, except within the family.

My mother has the same first name as her mother, although different middle names. Mom was never known as a junior; instead she and her mother are both better known by their middle names. (In fact, almost everyone in my mom’s family goes by their middle name. It was only last year that I discovered my Uncle Eric’s given name is George Errickson. Weird.)

Sounds reasonable. However, are you legally required to put the junior on the birth certificate and if so would they do that for women whose names (first, middle and last) are identical? After all your birth certificate name wouldn’t change even if you got married?