Can you absorb alcohol through your skin?

Suppose on a nice warm day we got a volunteer to stip naked and sit in a bathtub we’ve filled alcohol (how about vodka?) for a few hours. Would they ever get drunk from this?

He won’t get drunk through his skin, but as the alcohol evaporates and he inhales it, he may feel a bit tipsy.

As well as thoroughly hypothermic. And dried out.

you would need to take many ml in and that seems unlikely but not impossible. The skin is fairly pervious to many organics

"Absorption through the skin has been confirmed by a report (Dalt et al, 1991) of a case of a 1 – month old infant who became intoxicated as a result of absorption of ethyl alcohol from dressings applied to the stump of the umbilical cord and the skin adjacent to it.

Additional confirmation of skin absorption comes from a microdialysis study in which a long probe with was inserted under the skin for a distance of 3 cm. Ethyl alcohol was then placed in a small area on the skin above the probe while the subcutaneous area was being perfused. Analysis of the perfusate indicated the presence in an amount that was related to the extent of skin exposure (Anderson et al, 1991). "