Can you be in love (perhaps unconsciously) with someone through a third party (proxy)?

Say you love someone very deeply, but circumstances (internal or external) prevent you two from committing to each other or even admitting your feelings. Another person comes along, and you simply project your feelings for the first person onto the newcomer, perhaps even convincing yourself that you have forgotten the first person and now love the new one-but deep down it is the first one you love.

Possible? Have you known it to have happened, to you or someone you know or have had a relationship with?

[Yes I believe it has happened to me, or rather to the woman in question. More to come later…]

I’ve had this happen but ended up on the lonely end of it. Short story: ‘M’ (female), and ‘S’ (Male) were dating and broke up. M and myself get together for about 2 months. M goes back with S but… and here is where it gets very strange, welcome to my life…

I feel everything she feels, I know exactly when those 2 are together and among other things feel her ‘sexual’ feelings when they happen. I know when she is thinking about it, I know when they are doing it, and I know when she is masturbating. The feelings were extremely intense and there was nothing I could do till it was finished. This was not me masturbating, but feeling as she felt in parts I do not possess with no control over what is being done.

I have to admit I enjoyed it a few times, and also wanted to see and learn more about it, but also it was a very empty and sad connection. After a while I realized more about it and knew that it needed to end. I sent her a message saying what was happening and that I needed to break this connection between us as it was hurting me. Interestingly enough shortly after her facebook status changed from ‘in a relationship- with S’ to single.

I assume that she was in love with me, but physically with him, when I broke that tie she didn’t feel the love anymore and ended the relationship with S

I can’t think of any time, but of course it sounds possible. Human relationships cover just about every situation one could conceive.

Nope. But if you hum a few bars