Can you die from cinnimon?

So good being back! Lots of things happend this is the first time in a while Ive been on the board. Anyway:

A couple years ago, I read in the newspaper that a boy in, i think pennsylvania died, and the cause, says my local newspaper, was “excessive cinnimon intake”

I decided to review my diet and relized I eat more cinnimon then almost anyone. The ammounts i really havent measure yet but I have cinnimon just about every meal and for a mid-day tea (cinninmon delite!)

First question, is it really true that this boy died from cinnimon?

Second, could so much cinnimon in my diet have a detrimental effect on my body?
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  1. It’s spelled cinnamon.
  2. A quick search on Google for “toxic cinnamon” seems to show that cinnamon oil is dangerous to ingest in large amounts, and some people have allergic reactions to various forms of cinnamon, but “Cinnamic acid, in all products containing cinnamon and to a lesser extent in all plants, has low toxicity,” so I’d guess that eating cinnamon products isn’t going to kill you (really, wouldn’t there have been a big thing about it on the six o’clock news? “HIDDEN KILLER IN YOUR KITCHEN!”).

A page about cinnamon.

Anything in sufficient quantities is toxic, including water or oxygen. Different people also have different levels at which they react to things.

Cinnamon oil is known to produce depression of the central nervous system, gastrointestinal symptoms including cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and rectal burning.

OTOH, dietary amounts of cinnamon contain very little of the oil, so if there are no symptoms, I wouldn’t worry.

I can find no trace of this kid you’re talking about, but it may be an infant; if some idiot gives an infant cinnamon candy or tea, it could be fatal.

cinnamon oil is about 75% cinnamic aldehyde (depending upon the type of oil). LD50 (orally in rats) for cinnamic aldehyde is 2220mg/kg. this means I (if i were a 155lb rat) could eat about a third of a pound of cinnamic aldehyde with about a 50% chance of survival.
IIRC cinnamon was being promoted as healthy for it’s antioxidative properties…eat up Polski

Sorry, I couldn’t resist posting links to Cinnamon Challenge 2001 and Cinnamon Challenge: New Blood. Find out what happens when you try to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon at once. With pictures. :slight_smile:

Now, according to the site, one tablespoon of cinnamon is enough to make 30 cinnamon rolls. If these guys can swallow a tablespoon of the stuff and not die, I’m sure that your level of consumption is nothing to worry about.

Cinnamon may be safe, but nutmeg is lethal.


Yeah nutmeg is dangerous.

It there such a thing a ginger poisoning?

This person thinks not.

Back in my druggie days.

A looooonnngggg time ago

I experienced the most vivid hallucinations from nutmeg.

Never again.

Only from watching too many episodes back to back of Gilligan’s Island … :smiley:

I’ve never heard of anyone dying from it.
They only wished they did.:smiley:

Really. Many years ago in an ancient time known as the 70’s I tried the nutmeg thing. It’s horrible. You get so sick you feel like you’re gonna die, and afraid you won’t. JOB himself wouldn’t have passed the nutmeg test. And IF (and I do mean if.) you do get high on it, it’s not a very good high. Most people don’t get the high, they just get horribly sick.
Kids, do not, I repeat, DO NOT! try to get stoned on nutmeg.

I don’t mean to hijack, but when the subject of nutmeg comes up, I just gotta spread this warning.

mildly related…

I had a childhood friend who started chewing one of those cinnamon toothpicks and immediately started breaking out in a rash starting at his lips and spreading over his face and upper torso. He started itching all over and was having difficulty breathing. He eventually made to a doctor who informed him he was allergic to cinnamon and to avoid it in the future. I was there when he chewed the toothpick and it was pretty scarry. It reminded me of people who are allergic to bee stings.

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