Can you drink cider 4 days before a colonoscopy?

I have a colonoscopy on Wednesday. It’s Saturday night. Would I be permitted to drink cider tonight?
Thank you.

Define “cider”.

What instructions were you given? As I remember my colonoscopy prep instructions, nothing special was needed four days in advance, but it’s been a couple of years.

I was told not to eat anything red for a week before, iirc. And maybe I had to avoid food with fiber. But cider is neither of those.

Don’t you have instructions from the doctor?

Call your doctor’s office and ask the nurse. I’m guessing it’s okay, but I would hate to be wrong and have you turned away at the starting gate.

OP here. I managed not to drink alcohol.

If my Covid test is negative, I can have the procedure on Wednesday, so preparation day is tomorrow. Yay.

I drank alcohol up to the day before prep day. I was glad to learn 2-3 preps ago that honey is a clear liquid. Stick in the spoon, pull back out, let it drip off about 10 seconds and suck on the spoon for a while. I was told to avoid fiber, nuts, whole corn 3 days in advance. No red dye 2 days in advance.

No one told me to avoid alcohol, except for the 24 hour clear-liquid-only fast period, when it might have been limited (or might not have been. I don’t recall.)