Can You Enjoy the Health Benefits of Nuts By Drinking The Oils?

I read that nuts provide a lot of benefits-low cholesterol, lots of good proteins, and the oils are beneficial. can you just drink the oils and get the same benefits? I was given several quarts of hazelnut, walnut, almond oil-it I drink an ounce of this a day, is it good for me?

I am pretty confident that drinking any sort of oil is going to do you much more harm than good (well, unless you are seriously underweight, or something). Vegetable oil is essentially pure fat. Maybe these nut-oils are not quite as bad for you as some other forms of fat, and maybe contain some substances (such as “essential” fatty acids) that are nutritionally beneficial in small quantities, but even if you are not getting enough of these substances in your diet already (and you probably are), drinking nut oil is surely not the best way to get them.

I should have thought that drinking them is also very likely to make you vomit.

If you already have the stuff, the best use for it is probably in cooking, in place of the other oils or fats you would otherwise use.

If all you’r doing is drinking the oil, you are getting exactly zero of the protein. Or anything else, for that matter.

Nut oil is just that…oil, aka fat. Yes, it’s “good” fat, compared to, say, eating some margarine, shortening, or butter, but the protein and vitamins and minerals in nuts will be absent, save maybe some trace amounts that aren’t nutritionally significant.

No fiber in oil.

Well … no protein and no fiber … but 1 oz of hazelnut oil for example, that’s about 250 calories worth, has 60% of the RDA for vitamin E, a ton of antioxidant phenols, and yes, lots of healthy fats. Probably the answer depends on whether these are 250 extra calories (in which case likely more bad than good), or replacing other calories of the day. If the latter then which ones? 250 of other fat calories? Of simple carb ones? Or eating the same 250 calories in a roughly an ounce and a half of the actual nuts that would otherwise be part of your daily diet? I’d guess that replacing a snack of 250 calories worth of nuts with 1 oz of the nut oil, would be a net loss to health, even with the somewhat greater amounts of vitamin E and phenolic antioxidants and healthy fats from the oil option, and not just because the protein and fiber are “good.”

One cool thing about (unsalted) nuts in the diet is that they have high satiety and people end up eating less later as a result. The oil alone does not seem to produce the same result (or at least to the same degree).

Well, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about any constipation problems.